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Gigabit Bristol

Gigabit Bristol

The BNET concession was created by Bristol City Council to increase the availability of Gigabit fibre Internet across the City of Bristol.

The BNET (Bristol Network) comprises over 100Km of duct and optical fibre, owned by The City Council, it has been around for 15 years and supports all of the authority’s requirements including telephony, data and traffic related communications. It is constantly being expanded to provide increased coverage throughout Bristol. This huge asset is now driving Bristol forwards into the Gigabit age. Utilising BNET, Hub Network Services are offering a full range of high speed Internet and data services across Bristol, from low cost Gigabit Internet to high speed 10 Gigabit services, Co-location and Cloud Connect.

Not all fibre connections are the same. Unlike other technologies, BNET uses a dedicated fibre pair from your premises to the exchange.

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BNET GPON Leased line FTTC
Dedicated fibre pair
Fully managed and monitored
Low cost
Full 1Gb/s available on fibre
Supports Quality of Service
Fibre to the premises
Does not share fibre bandwidth
Secure direct connection to exchange
Easily upgradable to 10Gb/s and beyond
Designed for Bristol
Council backed
Low total cost of ownership
Connects to any UK/worldwide location
Co-location and cloud compatible
Multiple services via one line
Supports jumbo frames
Access to the Bristol Cloud
Bristol City Council Bristol Network HNS