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In the air (working title)

Alex Coltman on 21/03/2018 19:30

to be confirmed soon

Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol
Alex at 300km. (c) Alex Coltman

Alex has been flying paragliders since 1997 and he says, "It changed my life" He is current British Champion and was previously the UK national world record holder. He now describes himself as "...a reasonably competent UK cross county pilot".

In 2013, with an early start and almost 10 hours in the air he completed a flight of 369km in Brazil; the photo shows him passing the 300km point. He had launched from Quixada just after 0800hrs and kept going more or less until sunset, topping out at just over 3000m, and flying almost in a straight line.

2013 Championships Portugal (c) Marcus King

We're awaiting information from Alex about his talk so check back later. Whatever it is, it'll be as extraordinary as his flying technique!

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